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Christopher Smit


The purpose of the Financial Literacy portfolio will be to create informative events and content for members to learn basic skills of financial literacy, such as: how to budget, the basics of opening an investment savings account, learning to file your taxes and how to analyse a lease agreement. This portfolio will provide members with valuable elementary expertise to help members start making informed, independent financial and life decisions.


Upcoming Events

  • The Powers and Dangers of Credit
    09 Sept 2020, 16:00
    Credit. A necessary evil or a force for good?
  • Making Your First Investment
    Wed, 12 Aug
    Zoom Webinar
    12 Aug 2020, 16:00
    Zoom Webinar
    Do you often wonder when to start investing or if investing is for you? Join us for expert advice on making your first investment with an award-winning financial planner and co-founder of Galileo Capital Group, Warren Ingram.
  • Budgeting Workshop
    Tue, 05 May
    Zoom webinar
    05 May 2020, 16:00
    Zoom webinar
    Are you struggling to manage your student budget and wish to seek professional advice? Or do you have a burning question about your future finances and the attached discipline? Join us for an online live workshop via Zoom where we’ll be joined by Lisa De Stadler, a financial advisor from Alchemy